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Whether your business already has a Human Resources function or not we can be the HR Business Partner that you turn to. We have an exceptional record of adding value to clients while allowing them to concentrate on their core commercial activities. In addition, we develop commercial HR solutions that help businesses to grow and thrive in a challenging economy.


Our modus operandi is to work in tandem with you the client and deliver on our promises. We promise never to over promise and under deliver.


We're always happy to talk to any business - no matter the size or the sector. Our philosophy is to keep clients legally compliant and an employer of choice.

There are four main areas where we believe we can help, support and advise our clients, establishing the core scaleable HR policies and procedures that will optimise employee performance and contribute to business growth.


Those areas are:


- HR Audit


- Specific HR support


- HR Outsourcing


- HR Projects


There isn't a template for every client so it is a bespoke resolution for each client, specific to their requirements.

Our Philosophy

IWHR Consulting is a specialist Human Resource Consultancy to small and medium sized businesses. It establishes strong relationships providing robust, legally compliant and ethical HR support when the business needs it most.


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