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Audit Checklist

It is imperative that your business complies with employment law. The cost of not meeting your responsibilities can be expensive.


There is also the cost of staff deciding to disengage with you and move to pastures new. It might not feel like a cost but consider the implications of constantly recruiting, training, recruiting again and training again. It is a costly cycle of spiralling costs for your businesss that we are sure you would much prefer to spend on operational activities.


The risks that arise from legal non-compliance are severe with financial compensation in some cases uncapped and with the prospect of unfair dismissal claims, there is a growing need for businesses to ensure HR practices and approaches are legally compliant and effective.


We offer a low cost but comprehensive audit assessing your compliance with employment legislation and through the application of best practice, identify potential improvements to your operation, whether these are through cost efficiencies or productivity/performance improvements.


In the audit of your HR practices we would review your existing documentation, interview key stakeholders in your business and then assess the output from these two activities and detail the full results of the audit in a report to you. Our report will show what is required to ensure that your business is legally compliant as well as highlight the improvements that can be made to your operation. It will therefore enable you to not only minimize the risks attached to employing staff but also positively affect your bottom-line.  


The scope of the audit will be agreed with you in advance and could  include the following areas:-


  • Recruitment & selection

  • Pay & benefits

  • Contracts, terms & conditions of employment, employee handbook & HR policies

  • Performance Management/Appraisal

  • Training & development

  • Discipline & grievance procedure

  • Absence management

        Employee turnover


At all times we will keep you up to date with progress and agree with you any action plan/project plan to get your business compliant.


Contact us to discuss how the HR Audit can work for your business.

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