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HR Outsourcing

When you are swamped in daily personnel issues and are struggling to keep up with ever changing employment law, it can be hard to find the time to focus on your organisation. Choosing an HR outsourcing option means that you have the direct support of people who are experts in HR. This allows your leaders to get on with managing your operation and their core activities, secure in the knowledge that the organisation is conforming to good employment practices and is meeting employment legislation requirements.


Not all managers have the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with complex employee issues such as gross misconduct, harassment and bullying, long term sickness. Complicated employment legislation and thorny and complex issues need addressing.


Getting something wrong could cost you thousands of pounds in compensation at an employment tribunal. We understand that you want to concentrate on running the operational side of your business and we are happy for you to concentrate on that. You may well have your on-site Human Resources function, but where we can come to your aid is with the provision of a further temporary HR support that can supplement your onsite HR team and meet your organisational requirements for that time - whether it be for a short term or longer.


With a dedicated interim HR approach we have a pragmatic and proactive approach to problems with a wealth of operational and project management experience across a broad range of organisations and sectors. This helps us to start adding value immediately on arrival at your business, ensure that projects are completed on time, and that the support provided is of a high quality.


We can offer and deliver you a genuine consultative HR service, not just an off-the-shelf solution.


Your Interim HR Consultant can offer the following:


  • provide an expert additional resource

  • ensure critical project delivery

  • assistance during peak workloads

  • cover during periods of absence (sickness, holiday, maternity, etc)

  • interim cover to help assist with recruitment campaigns

  • managing redundancy programmes, TUPE programmes, outsourcing programmes

  • Implement a new benefits programme


By assigning your project to one of our experienced Interim HR consultants your project can be completed on time, and to your requirements, without impact on day to day operational issues as well as being cost effective.


Our Interim HR Consultant is available for specific project work by the hour or a day rate basis. This Senior HR expertise can be yours at a much reduced cost of employing a full-time HR professional and is available on a retained, pre-paid basis or on a "pay-as-you-go" basis.


Contact us today to discuss the different options and we can agree the best way forward that will suit you and your business


HR outsourcing is an efficient and cost effective alternative to doing your personnel activities in-house and it makes good business sense.


Below are some examples  of the type of activities that could be undertaken by us on your behalf. It is by no means an exhaustive list.


  • Ensuring that you considerably reduce the risk of a tribunal claim and improve employee relations.

  • Advice and support from qualified experts without incurring the cost of employing them.

  • All HR policies and procedures brought in line with current employment legislation. This will include contracts of employment and staff handbook, or developing them where non exist.

  • A bespoked employee handbook containing all relevant policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

  • Development of new employment policies and procedures as considered necessary and that are legally compliant.

  • Redundancy, TUPE and organisational change consultation.


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