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HR Projects

Whether you have an in house HR Team or not, there are times in your business when special one off projects arise and that specialist knowledge is not available. That is the time to call on the professional support and advice of an experienced HR professionalwho can be dedicated specifically to gettting that project off the blocks,work through the issues, get it implemented and sustained within your organisation.


All this can be done, while leaving your incumbent HR team to get on with their day to day activities of partnering the business to achieve its goals.


We have extensive experience of project managing specific HR matters through to a successful conclusion in the following areas:-


  • Redundancy programmes

  • Outsourcing programmes

  • TUPE Transfer programmes

  • HRIS implementation

  • Attendance Management

  • Flexible benefits programme

  • HR procedures review and allied training programme for new procedures.

  • Change management

  • Performance and Talent Management Programme


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