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Your current HR team can be very busy dealing with the day to day matters that arise and the odd major project here and there. But add in a few more disciplinaries arising,or a major recruitment exercise gets launched and additional one off support is needed.


The following are some examples of areas where we can provide additional support for those urgent matters that need resolved.


Managing Disciplinary situations.


Dealing with staff issues is not easy for many business owners. Poor attendance and poor performance are other issues that are faced most frequently. The informal approach has been tried on a number of occasions and failed and the situation isn’t get any better. Sometimes employers are so frustrated that they just want the employee gone and we have to explain they haven’t followed any process, so this isn’t an option.


Sometimes the situation is so serious that dismissal is a possible outcome and businesses know the importance of dealing with the matter properly to help avoid an employment tribunal claim.


We help our clients through the process no matter what the situation and no matter what steps have already been taken. When dealing with difficult employee situations process is everything.


Managing Grievances


Dealing with a staff grievance can be challenging for a business. Finding someone to hear the grievance who isn’t involved in the situation can be difficult and knowing what solutions you can suggest can also be problematic.


Like disciplinary, dealing with grievances is very process driven. There are vital steps that you need to go through to decide whether the grievance is justified or not. If you find it is not justified then you need to think about how you deal with the employee and get them to move on from the issue. If you find it is justified then you need to think about what you need to do to fix it situation.


We help our client by being impartial and not on anybodys side. We're only finding the facts.


Managing Redundancy and Organisational Change


Finding yourself in a position where you need to make redundancies or any type of organisational change is always challenging. It could be that your business has economic difficulties and needs to take action to reduce costs. It could be that your business is changing direction and different skills will be needed as you move forwards. In either situation the outcome is the same – you need to let some of your existing staff go and move others to other roles


Redundancy is a fairly difficult process to navigate and it is very sensible to use an HR professional to support you through the process. Clearly this can be a difficult cost to justify if the reason that you’re letting people go is because of financial challenges.


Employment Policies


Employment policies are used to help manage the relationship between the business and its employees. There are some basic policies which all businesses should have such as disciplinary, grievance, equality and health and safety. Then there are some extra policies which it is good business sense to have in place such as policies around the use of the internet and social media, anti-bribery and corruption and whistle blowing.


The biggest reason you need employment policies is that they offer your business protection. E.G. Without a disciplinary policy detailing what constitutes gross misconduct you’ll find it difficult to justify dismissing someone for even a serious offence. By clearly communicating your rules to your employees they know exactly what is and is not acceptable and they understand the ground rules.


Of course you will also need flexible but legally compliant contracts of employment as well.




Contact us and discuss how we can help you. We can manage some of these issues without even coming to your office. For some we will need to be working on site.


Our message is that we can be fully flexible to meet your needs.



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